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The Slauson Boyz – There Goes the Neighborhood (Vol. 1)
The Slauson Boyz (Nipsey Hussle, Coby Supreme, Cuzzy Capone and Hoodsta Rob)
First Staff Blog-Mixtape: The Slauson Boyz
>>>>ダウンロード<<<< The Slauson Boyz - There Goes the Neighborhood (Vol. 1) Tracklist 01. Intro 02. D Boyz [prod. Rob N Hood] 03. Slausboyz [prod. J. Classic] 04. That Good (ft. Shiest Bubz) [prod. Raw Smoove] 05. Tha Light 06. Stayin’ Alive (ft. J. Blacc) [prod. 1500] 07. Countin’ Money in My Sleep (ft. Shiest Bubz) [prod. Cozmo] 08. Diamonds (ft. Tiny Draws) [prod. Cozmo] 09. Show U What I’m Livin’ Like (ft. Rimpau) [prod. Mr. Lee] 10. G-Code [prod. Phonix] 11. Turn’t Up (ft. Tiny Draws) [prod. Rob N Hood] 12. Money Power Respect 13. What You Know About Crenshaw [prod. Rob N Hood] 14. On That Kurt Cobain (ft. Rimpau) [prod. 1500] 15. Roll Round Heaven (ft. Baby We Dogg) 16. Money on Money [prod. Johnny Juliano] 17. B-Boy Stance [prod. Ralo] 18. Like Yo Style [prod. Co-T] 19. She Wanna Go (ft. Rimpau) [prod. Ralo] 20. Spotlight -Owner wrote-

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